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Wholly Cow KawaKawa Tallow Hemp Skin Balm


WHOLLY COW TALLOW balm & KAWAKAWA are well known for their supreme healing, anti-bacterial + anti-inflammatory properties along with their ability to Moisturize, heal, sooth + rejuvenate. I have used our Wholly Cow grass fed Angus beef Suet and slowly rendered down the tallow, picked and dried the bush grown KAWAKAWA then infused the leaves into NZ Hemp Oil.  Creating a powerful balm which can be used from head to toe, on young or old + suitable for any skin type.  Your skin is one of the largest organs, so I think it is important to know what is going onto it.  ingredients:   Wholly Cow Tallow, Kawakawa, NZ Hemp Oil  


Note: All Wholly Cow Skin balm labels are PROUDLY HAND MADE using discarded magazines. 

 Each tin is unique and individual - just like you. 


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