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"more than meat"

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Sustainable Butchery Cambridge

An artisan butchery bringing you quality meat that’s part of a Whole system
where care and respect is given to the land, animals + community.

 Wholly Cow is "More then Meat" it is a WHOLE resilient system.
At Wholly Cow, we passionately believe in producing prime quality meat in an ethical way that with each step taken it is toward a more considered and beneficial  for nature, animals + community. We’re proud to be INDEPENDENT + WHOLE ANIMAL butchers. We  offer our customers Beef & Lamb  reared/finished on our 186 hectare, park-like farm on the outskirts of Cambridge and processed in our own on farm micro-abattoir, we also sell  Freedom Farm Pork + Waitoa Free range Chicken. Our  farmed  Beef + Lamb  is  solely for retail sale in  our local community, where we sell it at a Fair price for all to enjoy. Good food should be for all . We practice traditional butchery methods with a modern, creative twist.  Changing from a linear  system towards  a circular farming system, a shift in mindset + becoming more responsible + resourceful. We are curious, innovative + believe that we all have the ability to create positive change  in  our faming practices + open to learning and experimenting so that we can achieve this. Wholly Cow is "More then Meat"  it is a WHOLE  resilient system. We never had these intentions when we first bought our farm, however it is the best decision we ever made. This is a work in progress so not everything is sorted- But hey, not many do.     Stay Curious, Challenge yourself + love Nature.


We’ve created a circular, sustainable INDEPENDENT farming system that incorporates regenerative farming practices, the highest animal welfare standards and constantly working toward zero waste .  We are  pro active, realists , who enjoy + believe in what we do, make mistakes, have a laugh along the way and are grateful.

gluten free
locally grown

Natural Tallow Balms and Products Cambridge

Waste = Resource
If you shift your thinking to view waste as a resource, it can open up a myriad of opportunities. From the moss growing on the artificial tennis court, to the meat fat, to unwanted magazines, Wholly cow is experimenting and implementing new products using these components.  

so far .........{Tallow Skin Balm, Tallow Skin Lotion, Tallow Soap, Tallow Lip Balm, Dubbin, Compost, Worms, Tanning Sheep Skins}

We strive to educate + connect our customers to new ways and traditions, show respect  for the whole aspects of animals and ultimately become ZERO WASTE.

By becoming  an INDEPENDENT butchery who use WHOLE animals, the customer can access all  parts of the animal from Tongue to Tail, keeping the traditions + customs of many families alive. Many stories are shared through experiences with family meals, the great, not so great and the unforgettable!

You’ll find all your favourite cuts, but ask us about some less familiar ones too – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Sustainable Butchery Cambridge

Re-connecting you with your
food and your farmers.

"It's not the Cow, It's the How"

While intensive farming for export has become the norm, we’ve chosen to create a different way. We have not had a manuscript to follow, this is all been based from a belief that there are always ways to make change + why not give things a go. By deliberately keeping our business small and local, we’re minimising our environmental impact through responsible land management, reduced transportation and increased sustainability whilst gaining a deep connection with our community who we gratefully serve.

Farming less intensively allows us to not only protect the land, but to improve it by building deep, healthy, resilient soil. Great soil produces great pasture, meaning our animals enjoy an all-natural, nutrient-rich diet that keeps them strong, healthy and happy. 

By being responsible for all stages of the process - from farm to abattoir to butchery to customer – and with a small, close-knit team of staff, we have a unique level of oversight that ensures the highest possible quality. 

We love the face-to-face relationship we have with our customers which allows us to share ideas and recipes and to receive direct feedback.

As a community, we’re all on this journey together and for us that means constantly learning and improving, with your help. We’ve been encouraged to discover that so many of our customers are just as passionate about sustainability as we are, and we always open to learning + trailing new ways to improve  + adopt clever ways of creatively reducing waste. 

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We run Pure Beef Cattle. Only grass fed with supplementary silage over winter if needed. Our lambs are a mix of Wiltshire, Dorset, Romney and Perrindale and all stock have ample space, shelter + low stress.

Wholly Cow Lamb is hung as a whole carcass form for 5 days before breaking it down into the desired meat cuts, alongside the Beef carcass which also hang in form for equal time before the butchers skillfully hand cut it. This allows for superior quality, tenderness + taste

Wholly Cow Meat Deliveries.

Taking so much care and responsibility in what we do lead us to take on personally delivering our meat ordered via the phone app. Orders are dispatched on selected  weekday mornings in our chilled truck , we offer to take back packaging if the customers would like. Our defined boundaries are as the map indicates. Our belief is that this farm produces food for people living in this area. No more.

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