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Wholly Cow Tallow Lip Balm



WHOLLY COW TALLOW Lip Balm Nourishes +Repairs your lips While Tasting Delicious.
Tallow is known to contain vitamins A, D, E + K.

Simple Ingredients - but oh so good! in fact I'd say Delicious! 

 * Shea Butter 
 * Beeswax
 * Flavor oil

All Wholly Cow Lip Balm Labeling is created by hand along with my trusty scissors, guillotine, printer + eco glue stick reusing discarded magazines. so great having the variety to choose form and keeps the interest level high for me! The cardboard tube once finished could be fed to the worms, hot composted, dug into the  vege garden, used as kindling or recycled. To use the lip balm, press upwards. {note some larger fingers may have to adapt and use an alternative to push the bottom upwards!}

Cardboard box is made by me using Discarded advertising card along with the guillotine and my snazzy little cutting machine. {Cricut}

Every tube is individual and Unique - Like us all.


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